Garima Goyal

I begin with the wishes that the reader of this text is blessed with the connection with the universal mind We are all a part of big universal brain that communicates with us through its own language of symbols and frequencies.


The process of this connection with the universal brain began in 2004 with Reiki. It was closely followed by Tarot and Crystals initially the target was to improve my material side of life, job, kids, house to live in and health but slowly the journey moved onto profound realisations about the workings of the mind, body and soul. From a skewed view of life consisting of the body primarily, only wanting the good experiences and living always in the past or future it very slowly kept on moving to moderation, balance and living in the present.


I currently undertake sessions and learning workshops in Tarot, Reiki, Crystals and DNA clearing and healing. All I can say is that it has been a beautiful journey of self discovery, one which is still continuing and I am still exploring, learning and growing.


Hope your chosen therapy takes you on the path to peace, happiness, self-fulfillment, moderation and living in the moment. The spiritual life teaches us to lead a life on the principle of maximum good for the maximum numbers . . Experiment extensively with the spiritual therapies , it will take a little time but you will land up with the therapy that is your cup of tea in some time surely.


A special thanks to all my teachers who with love, unconditional acceptance even by non acceptance at times taught me and made me realise the importance of being in the experience. Their selfless sharing of knowledge and guidance showed the way time and again.


I am indebted for their grace. I encourage the visitor to explore, and learn to consume and digest their spiritual food for themselves. Let the process of learning never stop. They say one who keeps learning remains eternally young. So here’s to the




The idea of any spiritual practice is to sleep, breathe, drink, eat , play and live that practice 24X7.
Hope you all have fun doing that. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystals Online, Tarot Reiki in Gurgaon

I have websites that focus on Tarot, Reiki & Crystals. Links to the same are given below. Do have a look, I would love to have your feedback!

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