What are the benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique which has been gaining recognition lately as its benefits are being widely acknowledged. It has its origin in ancient Japan. So, the word can be divided into two parts: Rei which means "God's Wisdom or Universal " and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy." In reiki healing process, the healer channels the energy from hands and a flow of life force is used to heal the patient. All living beings are made up of very subtle form of energy, the lack of which can cause emotional stress and physical illnesses. Reiki sensations that are transferred by healers hands and start the healing both at the level of the mind and body.

It can be done by anyone since all living beings have the power of increasing their life force for positive effects. In fact, Reiki being the energy immunity, automatically forms a block towards negative energy of any kind. It can also be used improve the quality of life.

Like everything else, regular practice improves the flow of Reiki. Reiki does not require the practice of any religion, it is a spiritual practice which can be enhanced with regular meditation.

Reiki classes offered by experts can teach everyone how to channel the life force energy to heal and cure oneself as well as others. Many Reiki experts advice the use of Reiki along with other therapies since it doesn't disturb other treatments and cures the illness nonetheless.

It has been used in curing almost every illness known to man. In USA and Europe, it is has been accepted along with the mainstream medical care because of its successful results in reducing the symptom. Therapy centres too are including Reiki as a method for curing mental illnesses.

The reiki entering a person body and mind, is determined by the person himself as reiki enhances the self healing capacity of the body. The more the patient is in acceptance of reiki the better would be the results. The healer just channels the life force, the person being healed uses as per his will to heal himself.

We are living in a pool of universal life force which is like the vapour and we are like the ice cubes,(vapour and ice both are water, just different forms) hence it is not drainable. Thus, Reiki has a limitless source. It helps in spiritual, physical, mental as well as emotional healing of a person.

Other than healing, Reiki decreases the amount of stress and tension in the body. It also helps decreasing anxiety levels and enhancement of inner knowledge. With all this, it helps one in feeling lively and in flow with their life.

Unlike mainstream medical treatments, Reiki can be used to heal along with other therapies. It harmonizes with other treatments and helps cure even organs and glands by using the energy from the main energy centers of your body. Reiki is often called 'palm healing' or 'the healing touch' since it uses the basic human contact of touch and uses it as a technique to cure stress and illnesses. Different kinds of sensations can be received from the hands of the healer, like cool, heat, wave like, airy feeling, tingling or pulsating.

It is the only technique that can be used to cure oneself and the others. Dr.Usui, the founder of Reiki provided free healing to people to promote peace and harmony. An important part of Reiki is to consciously improve oneself spiritually. The person being healed should be aware of the healing process and should take an active part in it.

One need not believe in anything in order to learn and practice Reiki to cure oneself and the others. There is no dogma associated with the practice of Reiki. Reiki also works best if the energy flowing is not restricted or focused too hard. The energy of life has a mind of its own and knows where to heal. Many miracle stories have come to light worldwide about Reiki treatments. Gratitude is an important part of Reiki treatment. After the cure, the person healed should show gratitude to the energy of the universe for helping cure the illness or problem concerned.

Garima Goyal is a Reiki expert who resides in Gurgaon, India. She also hosts Reiki classes which can be helpful in learning the technique of healing through Reiki. The healing process of Reiki under a Reiki master is very effective and helpful in curing different types of illnesses and providing a sense of peace and a centered mind. Enrolling in these classes in the Reiki Institute can lead to visibly great results. She is also a specialist in Tarot and Crystals. She believes in the connection of the universe to each and every single one of us and through her classes and workshops attempts to spread her knowledge and beliefs to benefit others. Being one of the best Reiki teachers, she believes in selfless sharing of knowledge and guidance, and practices it as much as she can.

What are the benefits of Reiki

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