Crystal Healing Magical Cure or Rock

Crystals are chemical substances that are prepared when water gets trapped between the different layers of earth or due to the fast cooling of the lava. The internal structure of the crystals is so evenly formed that they display highly organized electromagnetic fields. The law states that the flow of energy takes place from high areas to low areas in order to balance the energy everywhere. Hence the crystals due to their highly organized fields help in organizing our erratic and low electromagnetic fields....

How to use Healing Crystals

The crystals have been long associated with many ancient civilizations. almost all of them had their sacred stones which were used for various purposes. China valued jade, Egyptians valued lapis lazuli and moonstone, Indians valued gemstones like emerald, blue sapphire and in the ruins of Mayans crystal skulls were found. If so many ancients used the crystals just like they all used fire, the crystals must have had tangible benefits which they all experienced in their lives.


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