How to use Healing Crystals

The crystals have been long associated with many ancient civilizations. almost all of them had their sacred stones which were used for various purposes. China valued jade, Egyptians valued lapis lazuli and moonstone, Indians valued gemstones like emerald, blue sapphire and in the ruins of Mayans crystal skulls were found. If so many ancients used the crystals just like they all used fire, the crystals must have had tangible benefits which they all experienced in their lives. Crystal healing is a alternate healing technique which uses gem stones and crystals. The crystals because of their strong electromagnetic fields have immense healing powers and they have an impact on the living beings as well as the homes/office spaces. The crystals display piezoelectric effect and this fire that is stored in the crystals is used to create immense energy in healings. The crystals are capable of retaining the data in form of binary coding in a computer chip. Hence they have a programmable memory due to which they can hold onto the wishes given to them. The crystals are used for healing just like the gemstones. The crystals are a noninvasive way to heal all kinds of physical, mental , emotional, relationship, financial and spiritual issues. Crystals can be combined with any other alternate therapy like reiki, pranic healing or tarot to step up the level of healing and provide easy solutions. There are many great crystal stones that facilitate the financial issues, job issues , relationships, physical health, mental health and spiritual path. As the availability of these healing crystals has become common more and more people are using them to improve their spirituality and health.

How to use healing crystals? There is a proper method to assess the aura and the chakras using the crystals. As per the weaknesses found in the chakras and aura, various crystals are suggested. The crystals can be used directly over the body and indirectly in the bathwater, in the living spaces, beneath the pillow or simply carried in the pocket. The upper chakras crystals are worn on the upper body and the lower chakra crystals can be carried in pockets or used below the sleeping mattress. A stone resting on the Throat Chakra will have the greatest effect on areas that the Throat Chakra monitors i.e. the thyroid, speech , communication and creativity. A stones worn lower near to the heart will again have a significant effect on physical issues and psychological areas that are governed by the Heart Chakra i.e. circulation, love and compassion.

The crystals worn on the non dominant side receive energies and hence can be used to absorb energies. Crystals worn on the right side can alter outside influences of people and events in our life. Certain crystals help in sleep problems like insomnia. They can also ward off nightmares and psychic attacks. Others have properties to aid in dream recall and assist in and out of body experiences. These can be placed around the house and office for clearing and cleansing energies. Crystal are able to modify the energy of a space, the atmosphere and neutralize negative energies. Crystals have the power of enhancing harmony of any place. Crystals are available in many shapes and depending on the purpose various shapes are used to bring energy changes. The crystals absorb the negative energy from the body as well as environment hence they need to be cleaned regularly before reuse. The crystals can be recharged by placing them in moonlight and sunlight too.

Crystals can be placed in our Meditation corners. These can be held in the hands or can be used while bathing (it can be used in the Bathwater or placed around the edge of the Bath Tub). This method of using these stones is very effective and enjoyable. Bathing cleanses not just the physical body and also washes away on all 4 levels of the aura. Bathing can wash away the stresses and strains of the day, any negative emotions and thoughts can be refreshed and energized. Placing Crystals in the bath will absorb all negative energy and emotions.

Crystals are used on the body and in the various places are per certain thumb rules which depend on the color, clarity and cut of the crystal.

Human life is subject to environmental stress these days. Products like plastics, electricity, radio and microwaves have harmful effects not only on the environment but also on the human population. These substances increase the hazards, thus making us more prone to illness and disease. The natural electromagnetic field of the earth is known as the geomagnetic field. Man-made fields counter the earth energy by shielding it and by setting up stronger electromagnetic fields in our homes and work places that reduce the natural frequencies. This reduction of natural frequencies causes problems in the environment of a person and is called as electromagnetic smog. Entrainment is a condition when the natural frequencies of the body become nurtured with a stronger set of frequencies from an outside force. Crystals can be used to strengthen the energy field of the body and also retain the good frequencies in the energy field.

The use of crystals is becoming majorly famous in modern offices where computers, artificial lighting, air conditioning, metal furniture act as polluting agents for the energy systems. If one is on the spiritual path they are likely to find the current earth changes challenging. If one is a healer by profession they would create the best possible healing outcomes. The way that you can achieve this aim, is by knowledge of the methods available for use. Working with crystals, it is possible to develop spiritual gifts and utilize them to help oneself and near and dear ones.

Crystal Healing Therapy sessions are popularly conducted all over the country. However, one such crystal healing session in Gurgaon has emerged as the most popular and effective session. It is conducted by the very famous Garima Goyal who does Tarot Card reading sessions in Gurgaon for whom the connection with the universal brain began in 2004 with Reiki and was followed by Tarot and Crystals. She shares with her clients that initially the target was to improve her material side of life, job, kids, house to live in and health but slowly the journey moved onto profound realizations about the workings of the mind, body and soul. She deals in healing crystals in Gurgaon and is a very renowned name in the field of crystal healing.

As discussed above, several physical body and emotional imbalances can benefit from crystals. It is a very powerful but non-invasive treatment during which an individual feels relaxed. Crystal Therapy is often thought of working well with Color Therapy and Reiki.

Crystal Healing Therapy in Gurgaon

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