5 Reasons why you should learn Reiki

What is Reiki? Why is it important? What are its benefits? Why should one learn reiki? These are questions which we will try to understand through this article. Firstly Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing which uses energy that is the emotions we experience: pain, laughter, stress or even a simple exchange of a hello. We humans exchange energy everyday in every activity we do, it enables us to balance our body and mind which benefits both the practitioner and the client. It can be done by anyone since all living beings have the power to use life force for positive effects. It automatically blocks negative energy and allows room for more positive emotions and feelings. It is believed that all living being possess a universal life force and the lack of which can cause stress and illnesses. The word Reiki is derived out of two terms Rei stands for "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki is described as "life force energy". So Reiki stands for "spiritually guided life force energy”. It is a healing process in which sensations evoked by hands are used to cause a steady flow of life force from the healer to the patient. It’s often called 'palm healing' or 'the healing touch' since it uses the basic human contact of touch and uses it as a technique to cure. Reiki works on various levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual which develops every aspect of our life. It is not only one of the ancient healing systems but also one of the most multipurpose. Dr.Usui, the founder of Reiki provided free healing to people to encourage peace and harmony. An important part of it is to consciously improve oneself spiritually. It has been verified that Reiki can help people suffering from many major and minor illnesses. It is often used as a complementary therapy in a number of hospitals as it not only helps patients with physical ailments but also those with minor psychological problems. Reiki is a spiritual experience not to be confused with a religious one. It’s best experienced with meditation, it also works best if the energy flowing is not restricted or focused too hard. The energy of life has a mind of its own and knows where to heal. The practitioner has to control the healing process because the process is being caused by him and not by the healer. The healer just channels the life force; the person being healed uses it spiritually to heal himself. The person being healed should be aware of the healing process and should take an active part in it.

The five reasons why you should learn Reiki:

1. Reiki decreases anxiety, stress, worries and enhances inner peace and calm: since one has found the inner peace and is away from worry and stress gratitude towards life and the people part of your life is realized and valued. By relaxing and letting go one can remove blocks that cause pain in body. Reiki allows letting go of things that no longer are required and can thus result in pain and suffering. This is done in kind gentle way, which makes the person feel safe and push him to move forward in life as a complete individual.

2. Become more grounded and balanced: Reiki can help one to spring back on his feet. You meet a new person, a person who is happy and is at peace in life. While facing a problem one becomes more optimistic and looks for solutions gathering than at the nature of the problem. With this shift in the attitude one wins half of the battle and the other half is won with proper implication of the new found wisdom and practicality.

3. Helps to increase self confidence and self love: reiki is a journey of self empowerment where one learns to take responsibility of their life, thoughts, emotions and relationships. This self knowledge develops into confidence and self love that reduces fear which is often only an illusion of the mind. Learning Reiki allows you to identify fear and listen to our wisdom with ease, confidence and strength. This new found confidence brings about a change in the way one views himself.

4. One develops a greater clarity, creativity and sense of purpose: This clarity helps oneself to re-connect with nature and recognize its divine perfection, balance and harmony with everything. One tends to find its own place and role within this framework. Reiki helps oneself by providing a positive shift in perspective and avoid from falling in the trap of negativity.

5. Spiritual growth and emotional cleansing: Reiki is a spiritual experience which takes place by infusing of energy in one’s body. The healer uses this energy and converts it to positive force which leads to the process of emotional cleansing that leaves the person fresh, light, rejuvenated as all past negativities have been replaced with the newly discovered peace, happiness and satisfaction in life.

Reiki makes a person self aware of the creative life-force that exists within it and start to work with it on a conscious level, the experience of life will totally transform for the best. It clears the mind and helps in focusing on productive issues. It also helps in better sleep as it helps the body of freeing itself from the toxins. Reiki can be learned by anyone be it a teacher, doctor, lawyer, businessman, student anyone. People belonging to any age group can learn and practice the gift of reiki with their friends and family. It’s a simple process that compliments medical treatment. Its benefits can be felt within oneself as one emerges a rejoiced and stress free individual who enjoys life and does not fear life and its situations rather looks for effective and simple alternatives to the situation.

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