What to expect from Tarot Card Reading

Sitting on a coffee table with a friend and you notice something unusual. Never seen your friend before with a strange deck of cards and this makes you wonder what they were for? 99% of the chances are they were Tarot cards. Tarot Cards is an interesting and thrilling way to get an extrasensory insight into the future.

For starters, Tarot is a deck of 78 cards having pictures of esoteric and ancient symbols. The language of the subconscious mind is represented by symbols. In Tarot- the cards are basically an instrument which can be used to tune in and understand the energies in the past, those existing in the present and energies which will develop in the future.

The deck of cards is distributed in 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The meaning of the word Arcanum is "secret". It is often believed that the soul takes a physical body to experience. The first card in major arcana is the fool and is numbered as 0. The 21 cards that follow it are known as the "Fools journey" as they describe the 21 lessons or experiences that each soul needs to learn and understand on its journey through various life forms. Reading a major arcana card will hold important messages that one needs to understand in that current situation or in the current life time of that particular individual. On the other hand the minor cards have 4 suits (wands, swords, cups and pentacles) and each suit has 14 cards. The number of physical manifestation is represented by the number 4. Therefore, the four suits represent the four life making elements. Our lives are a play of the interaction of these elements whether it is physical elements including fire, air, water and earth or the experiential elements that of action, intellect, emotions and body. The day to day life situations for us is read by minor suits.

One of the oldest forms of fortune telling known to man is Tarot. The decks of cards are used by someone who is skilled in the reading of them. The Reader will consult the cards to show them what you need to know depending on the type of reading that one wants to have. Since 15th century, the tarot cards have been into existence and they are still one of the worlds’ most common ways of divining into the future.

However, having said that, often when one walks in the tarot card reading session, they don’t know what to really expect? One generally moves through a beaded curtain where the candles are lit in a room and one is seated in a comfy velvet chair. The reader sits across you and hands you over the deck of cards which is larger than you thought it would be and as you wrap your hands around it, you notice that the edges are a bit frayed. You then wonder what the cards might have to say about your future. You hand the deck back to the reader and the tarot reading session begins. You feel as if your entire future is in her hands.

Tarot is similar to a mirror which actually reflects what is already inside us and around us. Many a times, we can’t see or understand what is happening with and around us primarily because either we are too involved or our mirror is covered in dust and biases which restrict us from seeing things clearly. Tarot helps us to clearly show us our life without any pre-existing conceptions and prejudices and makes us see life as it is- good, bad, happy or sad. This is so because we can change the situation to make it suit our need by taking a suitable action provided we have the power to comprehend our surrounding.

During the tarot card reading session, the reader first typically shuffle the deck well alongside they concentrate on you or the question that you are seeking an answer for. They cut the deck and then begin the reading by laying out a certain number of cards. The number usually depends on what type of reading that you are having and is mostly an odd number, although some use even numbers in certain readings. As the reader flips the cards, they will tell you what the cards signify and what this could possibly mean for you. Cards belonging to the ‘major arcana’ like the fool have very specific meanings that could mean something for your future. Similarly, cards from the ‘minor arcana’ like the Ten of Cups could possibly have a more broad meaning. These cards can also accent each other and have different meanings when put together.

In order to benefit from a reading, you don’t necessarily have to believe in it. It’s mostly the cards that will make a believer out of you. It’s often contested but till date no one has really been able to explain why the cards are capable to divine the future. It is believed that mostly it is in the hands of someone who knows how to use them that leads to our answers. The reader must be experienced in Tarot and feels that their deck speaks to them directly.

However, if one hasn’t been for a tarot card reading session, they have the stereotypical understanding of the room just like its mentioned before. Having said that most tarot readers are friendlier who uses tarot as a practical guide to help you create your own future.

What to expect in a tarot reading:

  • The reader will always treat you with respect, friendliness and kindness.

  • The reader will always have a sincere desire to heal you.

  • You will not be judged or questioned; this will allow you to share your thoughts with the reader in an unbiased manner.

  • Most importantly, there will be complete confidentiality.

  • Before starting the session, reader will always explain you how will they read and answer the questions.

  • Some readers allow you to even record your sessions.

  • The reader will make you explain that you are in control of your situation and therefore, if something negative comes, they will help you find solutions and strategies to overcome that.

  • In the end, it’s all about empowering the person seeking answers.

  • A good reading will always feel complete and the querent will feel all his questions are answered aptly.

What not to expect:

  • Don’t expect 100% accuracy as a reader can only see what is reflected based on your current circumstances.

  • The reader will not blame your circumstances on any curse.

  • They will never judge or question your decisions.

  • Don’t expect your reader to dress up in costume. The readers are everyday normal people.

  • They don’t read mind.

  • You can come at your own will and an ethical reader will never force you to come for a tarot card reading session.

The tarot readings are neither a magic bullet nor a foolproof almanac to forecast the future.

One such tarot reader is the very famous Garima Goyal who does Tarot Card reading sessions in Gurgaon for whom the linking with the universal brain began in 2004 with Reiki and was tailed by Tarot and Crystals. Her journey as Tarot card reader in Gurgaon, started with refining her material side of life, job, kids, house to live in and health but slowly the expedition moved onto thoughtful understandings about the workings of the mind, body and soul. She regularly conducts tarot card session in Gurgaon, but taking prior appointment is recommended.

Tarot Card reading sessions always laid importance on the fact that if Tarot is a form of psychic reading that one feels close to, they should have a reading done at least once during the four major seasons of the year.

Tarot Card Reading Session in Gurgaon

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