Why do you want to learn Tarot Card Reading

Why do I want to learn to read tarot cards?” is the foremost question you should ask yourself before starting to learn to read tarot cards.  It is significant to know the answer to this question as it will determine what your choice of tarot card deck is and how you can conduct your readings, in cooperation for yourself and for others.

There are several reasons to learn tarot card reading as frequent as the people who pick up the cards and to suit every taste, there are plenty of decks of tarot cards to decide from. It is vital that one gains knowledge and deeper understanding of themselves so that they can use this information for their own individual growth and development. It could be perhaps that they would like to understand other individuals as well as their motivations and actions and even use the cards in a mentoring scenario to increasingly get to the bottom of the belief and values and challenges to success. Simultaneously, it is also central to take into consideration your individual learning style as this can also show whether as a potential tarot card reader you would use cards that are descriptive in their imagery or if the cards where designs are symbolic in nature.

Known for the best tarot card reading in Gurgaon, we advise that the main reason to learn tarot reading is to develop your psychic abilities, in order to make better decisions in life as well as business and having the gift of foresight, rather than looking back with hindsight. There could also be a reason that previously, you have had readings from other tarot card readers which at that time were extremely helpful for you  and you would like to widen your own intuition and creativity to solve problems and face the challenges in your life.

Also, it is worth noting that Tarot cards can be a fantastic tool to explore your spirituality in greater detail, for instance going from some basic meditation to some much deeper fundamental life questions. It could also be that you are fascinated by the historical symbolism of the tarot cards or the more magical and mysterious realms of the Occult.

We teach our experts and explain in our sessions for tarot in Gurgaon that the symbolism which you find in some decks of Tarot cards is inclusive of the every time period and culture in history. Some decks have what could be considered to be religious symbolism and others have symbolism that is everlasting and classic.

At our Tarot Card reading in Gurgaon, we explain the young learners that It may be that you have developed a passion for a particular time in history, or a certain culture or ideology or perhaps even mythology or that maybe you are enthralled by a person and their work and those reasons can also affect your choice of tarot card deck. Also, always remember that your choice of deck solely depends on your experience as a tarot card reader and how far have you been able to get developed your psychic abilities because some decks are easier to work with as a beginner and some are more suited for more intuitive and in-depth readings. Also, sometimes you will be unconsciously drawn to a deck and that may be the most suitable place for you to start.

As you discover the reason as to why you would like to learn toread tarot cards, then it is much easier to pick a tarot deck that you can easily work with. This will also help you to avoid a lot of expense and annoyance of choosing something that you can’t work with.

During our sessions to learn tarot in Gurgaon, the single most important reason in being able to read the Tarot is to learn to trust your intuition. The biggest challenge is to believe yourself. It is imperative learning to trust your intuition especially if you are togoing from an amateur Tarot reader to a professional reader. It is easier for anyone to look up online the meanings of the Tarot cardsand choose whichever interpretation suits the best. However, it takes a truly confident and an insightful reader to allow themselves to read between the lines and weave a story amongst the cards. This is when Tarot truly comes alive and we begin to access perceptive information from the cards.

Let us list down what all you can learn from your intuition:

Learn to practice silence: One of the best techniques is to hush the mind and pay attention for the silence. Being a highly effective technique in clearing away all of the ‘chatter’ in your minds, and to allow for your inner voice to come through. Before every Tarot reading, it is suggested to stop and listen to the silence.

Aspire to Meditate on a Tarot card: Always select one Tarot card and place it in front of you, allowing your mind to clear, and then calmly observe what are the images,feelings, energies, etc. that come to you during this time. Aim at forgetting about traditional and conventional meanings, and instead focus on what you are about to sense in this card.

Never stop listening to your dreams:We are all aware that dreams are an outstanding source of subconscious information. It is advised that by keeping a dream journal, you can begin to view and learn from the patterns between your dreams and your reality. If you have a imperative questions, meditate on it just before falling asleep, and perhaps, in the morning when you wake up, write down what your dreamt. In most cases you will have the answer to your question.

Allow yourself to apply the “No Spread” spread: A lot of time,rather than using a defined Tarot spread, if next time you have a question, just start with one card. You may focus on the card and what it is telling you, and then utilize this information to shape the next question. Carry on doing this unless you feel clear about what it is you need to do about your worry.

Why clients favor us is because we aim to create a ‘story’ in our own Tarot reading by adopting following methods:

Look for patterns. What symbols or colours are common across the cards? Is the majority of the reading Major Arcana cards? Starting to look around for patterns across all of the cards in our reading, and depict the central themes that are applicable to the reading. For instance, if you mostly see Cups cards, it is insightful of an emotional concern, or if many cards are reversed, then there are issues of confusion.

Create a summary straight up.Create a one paragraph summary on what the reading looks like and write down questions related to , “What is my point of view here?” This forces you to have a clear picture of what can you  see in the cards, rather than just going through each card individually.

Practice makes a Tarot Card Reader Perfect!: Choose asimple three-card spread, such as the Past-Present-Future spread, and pull three cards. Now, allow yourself to imagine for example, what your client wants to know if they’ll get back with their ex. In that case, how would you interpret these cards? Keep creating ‘pretend’ scenarios using the same cards and observe how different your story is each time.

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